Our mission

“We have not inherited the earth from our ancestors; rather we have borrowed it from our children”
- Kenyan proverb -

Our mission is to leave behind a cleaner world for future generations. A world in which residual waste is a thing of the past and in which waste is reused and seen as a valuable resource. We think about ways to further reduce residual waste flows on a daily basis.

Our vision

Value your waste 

In our vision of the future residual waste is a thing of the past. Every waste flow is reused in one way or another. By processing waste carefully and sustainably and recycling it into usable raw materials, we aim to provide an important service to our customers and partners.

Our strategy


Our strategy is centred around doing business in a sustainable, efficient and customer-focused way. We give our customers peace of mind by helping them deal with challenges in the areas of construction and commercial waste and the associated logistics. Our sustainable and efficient approach enables us to play a role within the chain of our customers and partners – one that has a positive impact on the ECI of their processes. To make this possible, we involve our customers and partners and draw on their expertise when coming up with new applications and functions. This opens up a whole world of possibilities.