Value your waste

PARO specialises in the processing of construction and commercial waste. We serve the entire chain: from waste generation through to the use of secondary raw materials or alternative fuels. At PARO we are convinced of the benefits of reusing raw materials. They sustain our existence and are therefore invaluable. We understand that raw materials are a finite resource and that their extraction often has negative side effects. We see it as our social duty to deal with them responsibly.

At PARO everything therefore revolves around reusing raw materials and how we can help you in this area. We work with you to identify the most appropriate solution. High-quality recycling is our aim here and we draw on all our knowledge and insights to make this possible. We are constantly developing as a business by taking advantage of modern technologies and can therefore process waste on an industrial scale, transforming it into all kinds of reusable raw materials or alternative fuels. In this way waste becomes a valuable resource!

By working with our customers to come up with new functions and applications, we open up a whole world of possibilities.